Verity Mansfield, mother, life coach, workshop facilitator and reiki healer in Perth with her daughters.

A Beautiful Truth by Verity Mansfield

Creating beauty in our everyday lives not just for ourselves but for those we love as well.




I am constantly in awe of the beauty in women; their ability to face adversity, to be honest about their current dissatisfaction and perceived failures, their immense courage to ask for help, their steely determination to change something, their fearlessness to take a chance, and their strength to seize the opportunity.

~ Verity

This is the driving force behind A Beautiful Truth.

A Beautiful Truth evolved from a desire to find a way to show women just how beautiful each and every one of us are. It’s about finding our inner Goddess, that place of deep knowing, that trust in oneself, that not only do each of us belong right here,  but that we are powerful creators in our own individual right as well as a collective feminine force.

The values of truth and beauty are at the foundations of this place. The necessity of knowing who you are, acknowledging your own personal values, embracing your own unique inner beauty and gifts and having the authenticity to stay true to this regardless of the pressures of social media and print media, is blended with the beauty of creating a life of passion and purpose.

A Beautiful Truth is a collection of services including coaching, Reiki healing and workshops. These services are created in order to be a holistic approach towards growth and expansion, cover issues of self love and self acceptance at a mind, body and soul level. It isn’t about “fixing” anyone, because regardless of how you might feel, none of us are broken. It is however, about healing our past pains, nurturing our personal and spiritual development, understanding who we are and what we want out of our lives and then working together with a variety of methods to create for you that beautiful future.

You are the answer to everything you need.

So often we look for the answer outside of ourselves, but the truth is you are already everything you need… so often we believe we need something external from us to fix us, that if only we could have x,y,z we could be x,y,z….. we live our lives, as if the gift is outside of us.

You are the gift.

And that is a beautiful truth.

So if you are ready to dig a little deeper, to unearth your truths and embrace the beauty within, to unleash your inner goddess to step up and step out into this modern day world, if you are ready to uncover your own beautiful truths, welcome!


Verity xx


Knowing who you are and what you stand for, and knowing the true beauty that lies within is an empowering place to be for any woman. When you can appreciate all the beauty that lies beneath you become a powerful creator in your own life.


Your passion is your driving force. It’s why we do the crazy things we love to do! In today’s busy world it’s easy to lose track of our passions and what excites us, especially as women who tend to juggle many balls at once. Lucky for you – that’s why I’m here!


Having that deep connect with ourselves and our intuition is a powerful force. Sometimes negative emotions and beliefs can block us from staying true to ourselves. NLP and Matrix therapies can shift these blocks allowing us the freedom to be who we’re meant to be.


SMART goals, DUMB goals I’ve heard it all! Learn some solid skills to set real goals that are aligned with your values and your lifestyle. We’ll create action plans together and I’ll ensure you’re accountable with plenty of support!

The first session that I did with Verity shook me to the core – she was amazing! Not only did I feel completely comfortable to talk to her about most things I keep very close to my heart but she also has shown me how to look at my life in an entirely new way and to remember who I am.

Now four months on I have traveled across the world, taken chances I never thought I would, formed strong and lasting business relationships and most importantly of all I feel secure and confident in the person that I am without changing who I am. I no longer feel afraid of the future or that of what will happen in my life but instead I look forward to every moment.


I hired Verity, as I was coming out of one of the worst years of my life. Initially committing to a number of sessions was scary as I didn’t know what to expect. But her support, teachings and knowledge honestly enabled me to turn my life around! I’m usually a private person, but I could be so open and raw with Verity. Verity knows exactly when to use a feather and when to use a fist! There is no hiding from the tough love and yet her generosity of spirit and the level of care towards her clients is beautiful and precious.

If like me, you felt that hook in the back of the shirt which keeps dragging you backwards, if you really want to make real changes in your life and you are honestly ready to face your own stuff, work with Verity! I have already recommended Verity to numerous people. She is a gift to be shared!


I primarily hired Verity as I felt like I had lost my spark. I found it hard to maintain positive thoughts and generally felt like I was in a rut. The truth was I had never given myself the opportunity to be true to myself. I’d lost sight of my own dreams and passions. I felt I was wasting the best years of my life. By then end of the first session I could already feel my mentality changing, I began appreciating the little things in my day and most importantly, I started appreciating myself. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to work closely with Verity and to rediscover my creativity and lust for life. I would have no hesitation recommending Verity to anyone who shares the same feelings and needs that boost to rediscover the love they have for their own life!


Verity has the right amount of compassion and understanding, as well as knowledge to help you practically and effectively improve your life, that you would want from a life coach. I didn’t realise how quickly my perspective on life could change and how little exercises could have such a significant impact on my life. Definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made and I’d recommend Verity to anyone who, like me, felt a little aimless.


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