Create your own love story….

A Love Story.

I get it, life is busy when you’re a female. We juggle so many balls in todays’ world, that we can barely find the time or energy to give back to ourselves.

  • Do you often feel too exhausted to eat well and look after yourself?
  • Do you stress that you cant find time to exercise and care for your body?
  • Do you feel just OK about yourself but not great?
  • Do you tell yourself you don’t have enough time or enough money to spoil yourself?
  • Are you constantly putting others first?
  • Would you love  a little more time to dedicate to your own needs?
  • Would you love to have more balance in your life and feed your mind and spirit?

Not only is this planner packed with beautiful ideas to nurture yourself but most of these ideas are free! Yep! As a busy single mother of 2 daughters, I get the reasons why you find it so tough to do things just for you! But if I can create my own love story… so can you xx

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A little work book dedicated to discovering the beauty within you.


This planner enables you to tick off and fore-plan moments of self care through out the day and the week. You can also record your sleep times, to track how much sleep you’re getting or to write down your sleep goals! The planner is split into body, mind and soul, so that all areas of ‘you’ are taken care of!

Inspiring Ideas

The planner also comes with a list of ideas so you can get LOTS of inspiration to find ways of nurturing yourself. Most of these are also cost effective and there’s plenty of ideas that hardly take any time at all. Money, time and ideas are no longer an excuse! And if you want further advice on meditation or some great suggestions on TED talks just email me!


You can contact me at any time you need additional support and help, via email or through access to my private Facebook group, “The Beautiful World of Women”. Check out ‘1001 Beautiful Truths’ on Instagram that you can follow for additional inspiration!

Be beautiful by being you…


Stay beautiful xx