We are constantly searching for inspirational, fierce and feisty women to interview on our podcast. If you want to send us a pitch, fill out the application below.

“If you stand for equality then you are a feminist. Sorry to tell you”. ~ Emma Watson

Good Girls Don’t Podcast Guidelines:


1. We love your realness and rawness. We’re not a polished podcast because we want to talk with real people making a real impact. So give us the real you, the icky you, the human you that’s more interested in making an impact than looking perfect.


2. We are not a business podcast. This is not a platform for people who just want their services/products promoted. If you’re hoping to make a buck out of chatting with us, look elsewhere. We want women (and men) who have a story to tell, a message to share and a burning desire to rock the boat. We want women who use their voices, not for themselves, but for all women, especially those who do not have the freedom to use their voice. However, if your service/product is 100% aligned with our message we love to support those who are actively seeking to empower those around them.


3. If you’re the feisty, pushing-the-boundaries, own-my-own-soapbox, kinda gal, we want to hear from you.


4. Nothing is too WTF!?? We ache for those conversations like you have with your besties, when they cringe and ask “Am I over-sharing?”. And you yell back “Heck no! We should be able to talk about anything!”. We’re women. This is what we do. Share. Connect. Cry. Laugh.

“I raise up my voice – not so I can shout but so that those without a voice can be heard”
― Malala Yousafzai

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