When beauty turns ugly

When does beauty turn ugly? How do you be truly beautiful without buying into all the marketing and pressure of looking like Australia’s next top model? How can you get beautiful without the Chanel eye shadow and spending $10,000 on breast implants?

Today’s blog is all about exploring beauty and how you can embrace your own unique style of beauty in your life.

Let’s explore real beauty….

Beauty is found in many things; in harmonies in music, in waves crashing on the shores, in the strokes on a canvas, in the hand sewn seams of a carefully constructed couture gown, in the simple gesture of holding someone’s hand, in the colours of a sunset, in fashion magazines, advertising…. Beauty and ideas of beauty are everywhere.


What is beauty?

Beauty is in essence is a combination of qualities that pleases your sense. Its leaves you in awe and inspires. So why is ‘beauty’ so hard to get? Why do so many people struggle to feel beautiful? Why do you struggle with feeling beautiful?

True beauty, real deep beauty that awes and inspires, is beauty that’s based in ‘creating’ not ‘competing’.  ‘Creating’ comes from a place of empowerment and inspiration while ‘competing’ comes from a place of fear and ‘not good enough’.

You see, that’s really where I think the problem with beauty lies.

When beauty turns competitive, beauty turns ugly.


You start comparing your bodies to someone else’s who is skinnier, curvier, more glamorous hair, bigger eyes, bigger breasts, prettier, taller, smaller thighs….. and your level of confidence slowly starts to erode.

That’s when you stop appreciating yourself and start to criticise yourself instead, slowly picking yourself apart, opening wounds and tearing at your self-esteem and self-worth. When you compare yourself to another person you stop seeing your own true self-worth. You stop seeing your own personal and unique beauty. Instead you start seeing yourself as ‘not good enough’.

How do you create beauty in yourself?

Cultivating or creating beauty in you is actually pretty easy. It does however require a conscious effort which can be the hard part. Here are 3 simple steps you can start with today!

1.Know who you are;

This is about knowing your strengths and the great qualities that make you who you are. It’s also about knowing exactly what you are and what you stand for i.e. your truth. It’s crucial to know and really be firm in believing what you bring to the table. This is the basis of your self-worth.

2.Stop comparing yourself to others;

In other words STOP tearing you down! When you know what you bring to the table, focus on that. Stop focusing on models splashed on front pages, because they’re been edited to an inch of their lives. Trust me – I worked in the industry! Even size 8 Miss Universe contestants have been digitally sliced and diced to an inch of their lives.  Media doesn’t portray what’s real. It’s manipulated to pray on your insecurities. Don’t buy into it. Appreciate who you are and what you are capable of. Everyone has that little voice in their head that tells them ‘I shouldn’t’, ‘ I can’t’ , ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘ I’ll never get this right’….etc. Learn to stop the inner critic and become your own cheerleader.

3.Discover you ‘why’;

‘Why’ is BIG news right now!! Major international companies are rewriting their policies and company statements around their ‘why’. Why? (Couldn’t help myself!) Because your ‘why’ is your driving force, this is what motivates you and is the basis of your ‘purpose’. Your ‘why’ is your passion.

Not sure where to start with these tips? Be Beautiful Be You Workbook

Easy ! “Be Beautiful. Be You” is a little workbook designed work book that’s been created to inspire you to start to discover your authentic self in order to embrace and bring forth your true unique inner beauty. Grab it here.

Bonus points and gold star if you came back and tell me the difference it made to you!

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There’s no competition in real beauty.

Only creation.


Stay beautiful xx