Easter: A Symbol of New Beginnings

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As a small child I loved Easter. I also believed in God. None of my family did. Just me, as peculiar as that might seem! I listened to the stories in the bible in the Chapel throughout High School and soaked in the possibility of such a powerful presence in our lives. However as I hit my 20’s I began to question these stories, after all isn’t that exactly what they are?

As a parent, for years I debated how to explain Christmas and Easter to my daughters. Do I talk about religion? Community? Santa? The Easter Bunny? Fluffy chickens?

Today I realise it doesn’t matter. What matters in life is that we have to find our own truths in what we want to believe and hold fast to that. So here is what I believe about Easter. Here is my beautiful truth….

In religion Easter is about the death of Jesus and the resurrection. In other more ancient pagan cultures Eastre was the goddess of spring and fertility. Regardless what one wishes to believe the ideas and symbolism are the same.

In celebrating Easter why not let it be about celebrating new life and the idea of recreating / resurrecting ourselves? We all have burdens we want to drop, arguments we want to let go off, an old story we need to end, someone we need to say goodbye to, grief we may be feeling its time to shrug off…… we all need a little dusting and a little spring cleaning.

So this Easter think about the things you want to let go of. The things that need to end or the things you need to walk away from. Let this be the ‘death’. Let us bury it. Let us grieve it. Give yourself a few days to be pissed about that old thing. Take a few days to fight off the anger, or the resentment, one last drink with a girlfriend to agonise over it; one last goodbye.

Then choose a day in 3 days times to resurrect yourself. Decide to rise like a phoenix out of the ashes and feel stronger for the stuff you decided to leave behind. Let us choose to be happier, to be stronger, and to be lighter. Let us sparkle that much brighter.

Because maybe Easter isn’t about chocolate eggs, chickens and rabbits, but maybe it’s not about religion either.

Perhaps Easter is a reminder to each and every one of us that we must accept “Death” in whatever form it takes if a ‘resurrection” is to occur, to let go of situations that no longer serve a purpose in our evolution, and to allow a new order to be established, a new direction to emerge and/or a new chapter to begin. And like the phoenix, we will rise up out of our own ashes and begin again.

Stronger, smarter and sparklier!

Seek your beautiful truth.

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A Beautiful Truth: Perfection Does Not Exist

Perfection doesn't exist.

Life isn’t about being perfect, it’s about growing, learning and connecting.

So here’s a beautiful truth: perfection doesn’t exist

Perfection is about being faultless. Which is a flawed concept in itself!

The concept of perfection means there is no room for error or mistakes, which basically means to not be human. Perfection is also a concept that is open to perception as each person’s idea of perfection depending on their own needs and values, differs from person to person.

The pressure to be perfect can really mess with our heads and our ability to accept who we are, to embrace who we are compared to who society wants us to be and is a major factor in anxiety, stress and procrastination.

We know life isn’t perfect, but we still assume everyone should have their shit together. Let’s face it; we don’t know anyone that does. And I don’t believe we should be perfect. Life isn’t about being perfect and having all the answers. Life is about experiences and connections; it’s about discovering and learning. It’s about growing and being a better person today than who we were yesterday.

Life is a process…

Quite often my small and beautiful daughters ask me, “When will I be grown up?” My only reply is “Baby, I’m still growing up!” and they love that. What a relief! That’s the answer: you don’t have to get to the end result because there is no end result. Life is a process, you’re just meant to do the best you can.

….About growing and learning.

The beautiful truth is we never stop growing or learning. Inside and out. That’s what makes us so remarkably beautiful. Do you want a life where you never discover anything new again? If you never see the pyramids, or the Taj Mahal, or the most exquisite sunset over the Pyrenees, would you be okay with that? If you never fall in love again or meet another amazing person who will captivate you with their stories and charms, would you be okay with that? If you never get the pleasure of hearing another new beautiful piece of music that dances with your heart, or see an ocean crash against the shore again embracing the salty air that somehow rejuvenates your soul, would you be okay with that? What if you never see your first snowfall that kisses your nose and tickles your eyelashes, would you be okay with that?

Some of things this you would say yes, and others you would say no. That’s not the point. The point is you still want to learn something! You still want to grow. So aim to learn instead of aiming for perfection. Learn to be okay with exactly who you are. Be ok with not knowing everything. Be okay with joy and sadness and laughter and sorrow – each one of these soulful seasons has something to teach us. Be okay with not knowing which path to take. Be okay with making a mistake. Be okay with getting it wrong. In fact, you should get it wrong! How else will you grow? Sometimes we have to learn how not to do something so that we can learn how to do it.

Perfection doesn’t exist..

Don’t seek perfection, seek truth. Perfection doesn’t exist. It only feeds your neuroticism and your anxiety. It feeds your fear of disappointment and your fear of not being enough. Perfection is like Fools Gold. It sounds amazing, but it doesn’t exist. Don’t spend your life chasing something that doesn’t exist.

Seek truth.

Seek the beauty inside your soul. Seek beauty in the world. Learn to love yourself and to be kind to yourself. Seek out what makes you laugh, what makes you tick, what gives rise to your passion and feeds your soul. Seek what nourishes you and comforts you in your winters, and what replenishes you and drives you in your summers. Seek the truth of who you are and the path you want to create. Seek to love, to forgive, to accept, and to embrace. Seek truth.

Seek the beautiful truth.

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