The Art Of Receiving


JUNE, 2016

BE.DO.HAVE Principle

The Art of Receiving is actually pretty simple. As women we’re so well trained in giving that we often forget how to receive. After all ‘good girls’ give and don’t take….. Bollocks I say! The truth is you can’t give freely if you don’t know how to receive. An empty cup can’t quench anyone’s thirst! This crucial little principle “Be.Do.Have” will help you to understand the Art of Receiving..


I remember learning about the concept of “Be, Do, Have” for the first time about ten years ago.  Most of us think we need to “have” a certain thing or set of things (more money, love, time, experience, etc.), so that we can finally “do” something important (pursue our passion, start a business, go on vacation, create a relationship, buy a home, etc.), which will then allow us to “be” what we truly want in life (peaceful, fulfilled, inspired, generous, in love, etc.). In actuality, it works the other way around.

First we “be” what we want (peaceful, loving, inspired, abundant, successful, or whatever), then we start “doing” things from this state of being – and soon we discover that what we’re doing winds up bringing us the things we’ve always wanted to “have.”

Test it out!

Next time you feel stuck or angry or upset, ask yourself the following;

  • What am I BEING and what triggered this?
  • What am I DOING that supports this?
  • What am I going to HAVE by doing this?

For eg; I am being sad because I broke up with my boyfriend. I am supporting (doing) this sadness by focusing on what i have lost. I am creating (have) a sense of loss and helplessness and alienation.

Be Who am I being?

Pin point the emotion

What triggered this?

Eg: Depressed


Broke up with boyfriend

Do What am I doing that supports this? Focusing on what I have lost

Looking for comfort and understanding

Have What am I going to have? Alienation


Hmmmmm that doesn’t sound like something anyone would want to attract into their life!

“You have the power to choose who you want to be. Be the grandest, greatest, and the best that you can be”. Anon

Yep! That’s right! You have a choice! If you want to start receiving good into your life, start being the grandest, greatest version of yourself that you can. You don’t have to jump straight to being “joyful” when you are in fact heart broken but you can start with “hope”.

Try this instead:

I am being hopeful because I know this will pass in time. I am supporting (doing) this by surrounding myself with a few good friends and by doing my favourite things and focusing on my self-care. By doing this I will have a safe and secure place to love myself while I heal. By committing and loving myself I will attract the right type of guy into my life.

Be Who am I being?

Pin point the emotion

What triggered this?


“If I’ve had love once before I’ll have it again another day.”

Do What am I doing that supports this? Surround myself with good friends

Create a playlist of positive music

Watch comedies when I feel sad.

Do my favourite things or learn something new.

Run a bubble bath and read my favourite book.

Have What will I have? Security, love and happiness.

Safe and secure place filled with love.

The ability to love and nurture myself.

The right mindset and energy to attract the right guy into my life.

Throughout the day/ week stop yourself and check in with the “Be, Do, Have” principle. Once you have realised what you are Being, Doing what supports it and note what you are creating (Having) – ask yourself

  • Who do I need/want to BE?
  • What do I need to DO to support that?
  • What will I HAVE once I do this?

Living this way helps us take charge of our emotions and our behaviour and take responsibility for our lives. This works on so many different areas. If you want more money in your life, start thinking who you need to BE (BE the emotions money would give you), what would you need to DO, and what will you be creating (HAVE)?

Print off this worksheet to help you keep in the right mindset through out the day.

Themed days to support and celebrate the beauty within all women.

How else can I support a positive mindset?

Easy! Join “The Beautiful World of Women “. This Facebook group is devoted to women supporting women, each sharing their stories, wisdom and knowledge. We love a safe place to support and celebrate our #soulsisters, so if you want to find your tribe.. here we are! Each day has a theme, to encourage you to share the love throughout the week.

Stay beautiful!

Verity xx

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