The Truth About Intuition

We are all intuitive but only a special few of us are actually psychic right? WRONG! Here’s the beautiful truth about intuition….

  I always knew I was intuitive. Strange things would happen, I would get strong ‘gut instincts’ or ‘hunches’ that turned out right, but I also thought intuition was something I had no control of. I also thought Mediums and Psychics were born that way and either you were one or you weren’t. Boy was I wrong! The more I started to learn about intuition the more I realised that intuition, psychic and mediumship abilities were all the same thing… it just depended on how far down the rabbit hole you go to grow, nurture or tune into your intuition. Intuition is like a muscle.  Just like athletes, some of us are naturally born with more athletic figures but it doesn’t mean the rest of us shouldn’t bother training or exercising, right?! There are plenty of amazing athletes who weren’t considered ‘born athletes’ when they started. I decided to set myself the challenge of developing my intuition over the last 3 years and to see where it would take me. I joined spiritual classes, read masses of books, meditated with Youtube (not kidding), bought tarot cards and crystals (as we all do when we believe the power is outside of ourselves) and stalked Ricci-Jane Adams. The big turning point was when I put it out there to the Universe; ‘How can I grow my intuition beyond my wildest dreams? And how can I teach my own clients to open up their heartspace?”. Within weeks I won a retreat with Ricci-Jane Adams and all my questions since have been answered after a year-long study, called “Third Level”. What is intuition? Intuition is the guidance and deeper soul wisdom of our higher selves. We all have it. It doesn’t exist outside of ourselves but inside of each and every one of us. It often can come as a quiet whisper which our louder Ego dismisses. I used to think ‘only magical people can do that shit’. I’ve since been my own guinea pig and have proven myself wrong. I now spend time daily tuning into my intuition for guidance and you can too. I also use my intuition to guide my client sessions and in helping them move past their own blocks. Why should we bother to grow it? Are you kidding me? I honestly believe that if you truly want to #BreakTheGoodGirlRules then embracing your intuition should be a top priority. #TheGoodGirl looks outside herself for guidance from others. She seeks their advice as if others know whats best for her, she looks for validation from others and she follows the crowd. Embracing our intuition means we look WITHIN ourselves first. It’s like the highest form of embracing your own unique inner beauty and individualism. There’s nothing wrong with having a sounding board, but its crucial that we always follow our heart and intuition first and foremost, even if it means going against the crowd. If it doesn’t feel right for you, don’t do it. Our intuition is our own unique GPS system of the soul. Why wouldn’t you want to use that to navigate life’s challenges? Even the most brilliant minds of our times and billionaires embraced their intuition, look at Albert Einstien, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs…. All these men were geniuses and yet all of them contributed a great deal of their success for trusting themselves and their intuition first and foremost. These men didn’t become famous for following the crowds, but for pushing boundaries, for going against the grain, for working outside the parameters of ‘normal’ and for rocking the boat in areas of science, physics, information technology, and finance. They broke old paradigms and created new experiences for the entire world. If I grow it, will I start seeing dead people?? Probably not. I know of gifted peeps who do but most of the intuitive women I know don’t walk around talking to dead people. Personally, I have spoken with ‘dead people’ and it’s a profound and beautiful experience. I’ve also learnt to ‘channel’ and to tune into past lives. But I haven’t bumped into any ‘dead people’ in my hallway or the supermarket yet. Just as you can choose to tune into different frequencies, you can choose to tune out. It’s not just about ‘seeing’ dead people…… there are 4 main areas of intuitive skills. It’s also important to note that there are different areas of intuitive skills. Each one of us may have a more dominant one, or may have 2 or 3 that are stronger. This doesn’t mean we can’t strengthen our less dominant ones though.
  • Clairaudience – clear hearing
  • Claircognisance – clear knowing
  • Clairvoyance – clear sight
  • Clairsentience – clear feeling
For me, I use all four. Sometimes I will receive words and I will hear them like voices in my head (Clairaudience), while other times I will see images or movies playing out in my mind’s eye (clairvoyance). When I work with clients I can tune into my body and literally feel nauseous if that client is dealing with stomach issues, or tightness in my chest if a chest is struggling with anxiety (clairsentience) and other times information just drops in like a sudden ‘knowing’ (claircognisance). I’ll wake up and while preparing for a client will instantly just ‘know’ what topic we should focus on, only to connect with that client and for them to ask for that specific assistance at the beginning of a session. While I’ve been communicating with different types of energy bodies / vibrational beings etc for quite a while now, I still haven’t ‘seen’ any dead people. A few years ago when I experienced my first ‘dead person’ they came to me as an energetic pull. I was in a deep meditation and it ‘felt’ like someone was standing next to me. My head kept turning towards ‘them’, and I kept pulling my head away, not understanding what the hell was going on. It turned out to be one of the most profound and moving experiences of my life, as I spoke to an ex’s father who had committed suicide years before. He came seeking forgiveness, not just from his children but also from himself. I had never felt such remorse for one’s own actions or the mess they had left behind. And I also have never felt such freedom and joy once his words were passed onto his family. I never physically saw this man. But I certainly ‘felt’ him around and could converse with him. He gave me the information I could never have known and I was somehow able to immediately know who this man was without ever having seen or met him in real life. Do I consider myself a Medium or Psychic? Nope. I see myself as an ‘intuitive guide’ or ‘spiritual guide’. I believe everything we do is spiritual, whether we know it or not. My biggest passion is to teach women to love and embrace their truths, and their own unique inner beauty, to realise that they are powerful creators in this life, and to live life on their own terms. I do this by teaching women to #BreakTheGoodGirlRules, and part of that is about trusting themselves and embracing their own inner compass….. their intuition. Do you see yourself as intuitive? If not, why? Do you use your intuition on a daily basis? If you would love more inspiration or guidance why not check out my #truthbombs, delivered straight to your email weekly.

The Importance of Doing Nothing

The Importance of Doing nothing. And being. Breaking the good girl rules.
How can doing nothing be important? It’s so important to embrace our ‘winter’ and to lean into the ‘nothingness’ because this is where we learn how to love ourselves, replenish and rejuvenate ourselves as part of the natural rhythms and cycles of being a woman. Women do not work like men, and yet society insists that we must be in a masculine constant state of ‘do-do-do”, of keeping busy, of celebrating stress as a sign of success.  

Our body works in cycles. Don’t believe me? Look at your period.

  If we divide our ‘energy’ into seasons, we all go through our summers where we are full of energy, where we can go-go-go, where we can be a bee hive of activity full of passion and purpose, and where we give a lot of ourselves to other people. We then move into Autumn, where we start to slow down. We notice a drop in our energy levels, we start to feel tired, irritable and have less patience. What most women do is ignore this call, and they keep pushing onwards. What we need to do is recognise this as a sign that (cue John Snow), ‘Winter is coming’. Our ‘winter’ is a time for peace, for stillness, for reflection, silence, solitude and even withdrawing a little bit more from social activities. You may feel like you don’t want to go out to that party, or you can’t be bothered to do the normal things, you feel ‘flat’, or going to work feels like more of a struggle then usual.  Rather than dismiss our ‘winter’ as a waste of time, we need to recognise that ‘winter’ is a time for self-love.  

Winter is not something to fear. It is not laziness.

  Its your body signalling to your that you need to recoup and relax. How? When we ignore, as women, the call to step into ‘winter’ we burn out, we become exhausted, we grow in anxiety and we become sick as our immune systems lowers from the stress. Winter is such an important, if not THE most important part, of a natural  cycle since it builds up our strength, it nurtures us, it fulfils us, and it replenishes us to literally ‘get the spring back in your step’! Yes, ‘winter’ allows us to build back up our resources that leads usback into Spring where our momentum and passion naturally rises without effort or exhaustion, but with ease and grace. And consequently we naturally get catapulted back into our ‘summer’. But society tells us to fear ‘winter’. That doing nothing is lazy, makes us worthless or that if we aren’t giving to others or contributing to society then we are selfish. That if we are doing ‘nothing’, we are nothing. This is where we need to #BreakTheGoodGirlRules!  

How to spend your metaphorical ‘winter’ doing nothing:

  • Meditate more
  • Spend glorious afternoons or evenings withdrawing and reading
  • Soak in baths with essential oils and Epson salts
  • Walk in nature
  • Netflix and chocolate
  • Massages
  • Quiet nights in doing mud masks with or without girlfriends
  • Chilling out at the beach
Anything that has you giving back to you, and giving you that sense of peace, relaxation and self-love. To the outside world it might look like we are doing nothing but nothing could be further from the truth.   Once we start to see winter as a place of honouring ourselves, we move gracefully through this part of the cycles and start to gain momentum naturally. We become inspired to act, to give, to create. As our momentum builds we burst back through into summer even ore fiercely and passionate then before. Give yourself permission to stop. Give yourself permission to BE. Give yourself permission to breathe, to say ‘no’, to cancel plans, to reschedule without guilt, to relax, to chill out, to enjoy your own company and learn what it truly means to be at peace with who you are and the beauty within. Give yourself permission to #BreakTheGoodGirlRules. If you would love to know more about #BreakingTheGoodGirlRules, follow me on facebook. Gold stars if you comment below and give some love back xxx

The Importance of Living From The Heart Space

Verity mansfield Daughters Living from the heart space. Life coach truth and beauty

Living from the heart space isn’t something new. It’s actually the way many ancient cultures based their wisdom on. Cultures that saw less disease, less mental health issues and less conflict then we see in our own culture today.

I have always tried to live by my heart space. At the end of my life I want to have left this world in a better place then I found it. Even at the end of a relationship, and I’ve done my fair share of dating, I have always tried to leave people in a better place than where I met them. I want everyone to see how beautiful and powerful they are in their lives, for people to see who they truly are at their absolute core.

It’s one thing as a coach to help women to unearth their truths and to acknowledge their inner beauty, but one crucial piece of the puzzle that was missing for a while was to get my clients to feel their own beauty, and that had to come from their heart space. How could I teach women to live from their heart space? After all knowing something and actually physically feeling it within yourself are completely different things, and yet it seemed to be the major key for many of my clients in turning their lives around!

Learning about the heart space and implementing various tools around heart space has completely changed my life. It’s change my perspective on life, my perspective of the world, how I even operate in the world, how I relate to my peers and my loved ones, and I’d even go so far as to say it’s healed things at an emotional and physical level, even when antibiotics weren’t working for me!

So, how can we live more from our heart space?


By asking ourselves, “How can I end this day better then how I woke to it?”.


Wake up and align your heart with your mindset. 

Put 2 fingers on the centre of your heart (you can do this lying down in bed) and spend 60 seconds being in gratitude. Feel the gratitude rising and filling you up. Imagine it getting so big it can’t be contained in your body, or in your own suburb, or in the country or in the world! Then send that feeling out to the world in general, allowing whoever needs to receive it, to receive it.


Accept you cannot control others’ thoughts, words or feeling but you can control your own.

Don’t let your day be ruined because someone else acted like a jerk for 5 minutes. And don’t allow yourself to sink to their level either. Simply place your fingers where your heart is and breath. As you let your breathe out, release their actions and words from yourself. They do not belong to you, so don’t pick them up in the first place.


Smile. Pure and simple.

Your smile is your gift and when you smile, it triggers chemicals to be released. Happy ones, like the feel good neurotransmitters dopamine, endorphins and serotonin! The more you smile and breath, the more you allow happiness in. Imagine your smile as a gift to others. When we see a smile, it lifts our own spirits, even for a moment. Smile at the man at the checkout in the supermarket. Smile at the child on the street. Smile at your co-worker for no reason.


Do something kind for someone.

At least once a day, do something kind for someone even if it’s for yourself! Big or small it doesn’t matter. Open the door for someone, offer to help someone if you see them struggling, read your kids a book, make someone else a cup of coffee or tea, invite someone over for a chat, run yourself a bath or buy yourself a new book (you’ll help the author out, the bookstore out and learn something new!). Helping others out makes us feel better about ourselves and about the world we live in.


When we live by our heart space we actually benefit in a vast number of ways!


  • Our stress reduces.
  • Our connections with others strengthen.
  • We set off an anti aging process in our bodies (not kidding!!)
  • We become more in tuned with ourselves.
  • We live longer (scientific fact!)
  • We even engage our bodies own self healing process! (crazy!!)
  • We increase our resilience.
  • We increase the ability of our brain to absorb and recall information.
  • And we improve our emotional experiences.

What’s more is that all this is backed up by leading scientists!

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