The Importance of Doing Nothing

The Importance of Doing nothing. And being. Breaking the good girl rules.
How can doing nothing be important? It’s so important to embrace our ‘winter’ and to lean into the ‘nothingness’ because this is where we learn how to love ourselves, replenish and rejuvenate ourselves as part of the natural rhythms and cycles of being a woman. Women do not work like men, and yet society insists that we must be in a masculine constant state of ‘do-do-do”, of keeping busy, of celebrating stress as a sign of success.  

Our body works in cycles. Don’t believe me? Look at your period.

  If we divide our ‘energy’ into seasons, we all go through our summers where we are full of energy, where we can go-go-go, where we can be a bee hive of activity full of passion and purpose, and where we give a lot of ourselves to other people. We then move into Autumn, where we start to slow down. We notice a drop in our energy levels, we start to feel tired, irritable and have less patience. What most women do is ignore this call, and they keep pushing onwards. What we need to do is recognise this as a sign that (cue John Snow), ‘Winter is coming’. Our ‘winter’ is a time for peace, for stillness, for reflection, silence, solitude and even withdrawing a little bit more from social activities. You may feel like you don’t want to go out to that party, or you can’t be bothered to do the normal things, you feel ‘flat’, or going to work feels like more of a struggle then usual.  Rather than dismiss our ‘winter’ as a waste of time, we need to recognise that ‘winter’ is a time for self-love.  

Winter is not something to fear. It is not laziness.

  Its your body signalling to your that you need to recoup and relax. How? When we ignore, as women, the call to step into ‘winter’ we burn out, we become exhausted, we grow in anxiety and we become sick as our immune systems lowers from the stress. Winter is such an important, if not THE most important part, of a natural  cycle since it builds up our strength, it nurtures us, it fulfils us, and it replenishes us to literally ‘get the spring back in your step’! Yes, ‘winter’ allows us to build back up our resources that leads usback into Spring where our momentum and passion naturally rises without effort or exhaustion, but with ease and grace. And consequently we naturally get catapulted back into our ‘summer’. But society tells us to fear ‘winter’. That doing nothing is lazy, makes us worthless or that if we aren’t giving to others or contributing to society then we are selfish. That if we are doing ‘nothing’, we are nothing. This is where we need to #BreakTheGoodGirlRules!  

How to spend your metaphorical ‘winter’ doing nothing:

  • Meditate more
  • Spend glorious afternoons or evenings withdrawing and reading
  • Soak in baths with essential oils and Epson salts
  • Walk in nature
  • Netflix and chocolate
  • Massages
  • Quiet nights in doing mud masks with or without girlfriends
  • Chilling out at the beach
Anything that has you giving back to you, and giving you that sense of peace, relaxation and self-love. To the outside world it might look like we are doing nothing but nothing could be further from the truth.   Once we start to see winter as a place of honouring ourselves, we move gracefully through this part of the cycles and start to gain momentum naturally. We become inspired to act, to give, to create. As our momentum builds we burst back through into summer even ore fiercely and passionate then before. Give yourself permission to stop. Give yourself permission to BE. Give yourself permission to breathe, to say ‘no’, to cancel plans, to reschedule without guilt, to relax, to chill out, to enjoy your own company and learn what it truly means to be at peace with who you are and the beauty within. Give yourself permission to #BreakTheGoodGirlRules. If you would love to know more about #BreakingTheGoodGirlRules, follow me on facebook. Gold stars if you comment below and give some love back xxx