There’s so much talk about changing our reality.

  Are we mere humans really that powerful that we can go back in time and change past events that made us who we are today? Or are we missing something here? Easter has well and truly passed. Yep, it’s time to put the chocolate eggs down and look deeper within the meaning of life. You see, Easter was never about chocolate eggs and a chocolate pooping bunny, but a celebration of Ostara, (or Eostre or Eastre), the Germanic Goddess of spring and dawn. Other similar Goddesses are Hecate, Freyja and Holda –  all of which share the symbols of the hare and the moon. The moon is a constant reminder of the cycles of life as it renews itself monthly.  It’s not surprising that the Christian tradition of Easter is based on the phases of the moon, or that they simulate the Christian notion of Jesus’ rebirth/rising with the pagan celebration of Ostara. Easter, regardless of our belief systems, is the perfect time to rebirth our selves, create new goals and gain clarity on the direction we consciously choose to take. The issue is anytime we desire change in our lives, we are going to have to face our Ego which often uses fear to keep us small and safe. Our Ego loves to keep things the same by clinging to past stories and old limiting beliefs, but our spiritual-self ends up feeling trapped, restricted, confused and even betrayed.  

So how do we start to drop our own bullshit stories and expand in abundance, love and success?

  Let’s go back to basics;  

1. An event occurs.

An event occurs often in childhood or early adulthood that send a clear message to our conscious mind. It’s backed up with an emotional reaction (sadness, betrayal, pain, anger, guilt, shame etc) that creates a highly emotional memory. These emotions all have a basis in fear.  

2. That emotional reaction creates a perspective.

Our reactive response to that event (different to a fully aware and conscious choice) sets off a perspective of that experience. We deem it as a good or a bad experience. We create a story of victimhood around that experience. We back it up with as much proof as possible. We rehearse that emotional reaction by repeating the memory of the experience again and again in our heads until we have a base perspective or bullshit story. Ouch.You see, every experience we have, we view in light of past experiences. If we have created a habit of being a victim, we’ll automatically apply that victimhood response to future experiences.  

3. We understand our perspective to be our actual ‘reality’.

The truth is our perception of any single event is hardly ever the reality. Our perception is a result of our conscious mind filtering 200 million bits of information down to 134 bits. That’s a lot of distorting, deleting and generalising of information in order to make an event ‘fit’ our perspective. If you were to ask 5 people to describe the same single event, you’ll notice the differences in the stories given. It’s all based on our perspectives. Not on any true reality. Your reality is based on your perspective of how you felt about an experience/event.  

4. You can change your reality.

You can change your reality at any given moment, by changing your perspective. For years I insisted I’d had a terrible childhood. This was my perceived reality. It was also bullshit! Yes, there were terrible things that happened in my childhood, but there were many many amazing, hilarious, adventurous, fun and love filled moments too! In fact, when I became honest with myself and dropped my bullshit story, I realised that the bad times were very very few and far between. There were far more wonderful moments than negative moments. I had just chosen a perspective to base my reality on, by distorting my perspective, deleting all the great moments and generalising chucks of my childhood.  

5. The power of our heart space.

So how do we change our perspective in order to change our reality? By utilising your heart space. The Heart Math Institute is leading the world in the science behind our heart space and how powerful it is. We can use our heart space to switch from anger, resentment, shame etc to compassion, love and gratitude. These emotions are scientifically proven to be strong enough to rewire the neural pathways in our brains in order to break down old patterns of thought and hence behaviour. By using the heart space we can enter the world of quantum physics because the heart space is that part of us that is connected to everyone and everything through its electromagnetic field. Based on Albert Einstein’s own theories of time and space, we can tap back into those moments of time, and change the emotional reactivity around specific events. As emotions are chemical reactions, we can literally change the chemistry in our brains that affect the synaptic network that dictates our emotional and behavioural reactions in the future. So the short answer to the question “Are we mere humans really that powerful that we can go back in time and change past events that made us who we are today??”, is simply – yes. If you would love to experience this for yourself and understand more about the process, you can book an Intuitive Evaluation here.