From Good Girl to Goddess

Modern day life is tough. It’s busy, it’s hectic and quite often we feel over-whelmed, over-worked and over-tired.

As women, we’re pretty good at trying to be everything to everyone, bending over backwards to meet everyone else’s needs, that we become pretty poor at being something for ourselves.

We get so caught up in the exterior, acheiving those external signs of success and in pleasing others, that we become disconnected form ourselves and we don’t even give ourselves a chance to really understand what truly lights us up.

I hear it constantly;

“I feel like I don’t even know who I am anymore”.

“I don’t know what makes me happy”.

“It’s like I’ve lost my spark”.

“I know I should be grateful for everything I have, but…..”.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me”.

We struggle to acknowledge our own deep needs, our soul’s longing and often our life purpose. We struggle to say “no” to others and “yes” to ourselves.

A word as small as “no”, can be so hard to say, and the task of loving ourselves, and putting our own needs first, can seem like the hardest thing to do.

The issue is that these things eat away at our sense of self, our own needs and desires become our own lowest priorities, we succumb to the global marketing messages that we not enough, we question our beauty, our confidence, our abilities, and our self-worth.

We slowly pick ourselves apart.

We slowly start to lose our dreams and passions.

We slowly start to lose ourselves…..

Imagine living a life you can fall in love with, where you are a powerful force who stands strong in her truths, embraces her inner beauty and trusts in her endless capabilities to make her life anything she wants to. Imagine living so fiercely by your own truths, you not only effectively create beautiful changes in your own lives, but become the inspiration needed to instigate radical change across the lives of those around you.

To say you are amazing is an understatement!! What you have taught me over the last 8 weeks I will be forever grateful for. You truly have an amazing gift, and I am so honored to have met you. You have seriously changed my life. I cannot thank you enough, and encourage anyone thinking about doing your course to just DO IT!!!! Thank you so much. You are one talented and amazing lady!

Mindy K

I felt stuck in my life and Verity helped me gain immense clarity and real momentum! I was at a real turning point in my life and Verity’s knowledge blew me away. She walks the talk, and has experienced exactly what I’ve been through – it was so inspiring! Her support and guidance was amazing throughout the whole program and I really loved the way she structured everything. I still have my rules stuck to my wall. One day I’ll meet you in person and give you a big hug! Thank you Verity!

Sarah L

Women need to break free of the bonds that keep us so tightly addicted to the approval of everyone around us.

Learn to;

  • Stop using your story as an excuse and use it to inspire.
  • Create life on your own terms.
  • Base your self-worth on your own unique inner beauty and gifts and not on external factors and opinions.
  • Shift the beliefs that keep you held back and small.
  • Face your fears that keep you imprisoned to a false sense of ‘safety’.
  • Increase the love, passion, and gratitude for life.
  • Believe in your own true power to turn your dreams into realities.
  • Feel safe and supported as you embrace a journey of self-discovery and immense growth.
  • Improve the relationship with yourself and those around you.

Every woman is a beautiful and creative feminine force.

Each and every one of you has an amazing amount of potential within, waiting to be unleashed. Women are amazing creatures innately born with divine feminine qualities of compassion, understanding, connection, emotion, inner strength, intuition, and creativity.


And yet somehow so many of us feel powerless, fearful, small and not good enough.

I help you to know your deepest core truths and values.

I help you to acknowledge the creative power within.

I help you to see how truly beautiful and magnificent you really are.

As a women’s empowerment coach, I help you to break the #GoodGirlRules and unleash the powerful goddess within; one who lives by her truths, acknowledges her own inner beauty and creates the life her soul craves.

Intuitive Evaluation

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#Breaking The Good Girl Rules

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