Discovery Calls with Verity Mansfield

What is a discovery call?

A discovery call is a great way to find out if coaching will really work for you WITHOUT any commitment!

You call me for a free conversation and tell me what the issues are that you’re experiencing and I will honestly tell you if my coaching will work for you or not.

A discovery call is NOT a sales pitch. If I have to convince you to work with me, then you’re not ready to be coached or I’m not the right coach for you (see my post on How to Choose the Right Coach for You). A Beautiful Truth is all about authenticity, beauty and truth and hard sell sales pitches are not part of my ethics, nor is my style.

My drive is to help clients get real results. This means that I only take on clients who are motivated enough to be dedicated to learning and growing and making their lives more beautiful. I have turned clients away for a number of reasons;

  • Not committed to themselves.
  • Not ready to dig deep and take responsibility to change.
  • Needed to be referred to other coaches or other professionals better suited to their needs.


How Discovery Calls benefit you!

Discovery calls are also useful if you want to find more information about what coaching is and what is involved in the coaching process. This enables you to make a decision whether you want to work with me as well. Remember coaching is about working together so both parties need to feel comfortable with each other.

If you’re not 100% sure what it is you want and you’re unsure if coaching would work for you then a discovery call is the best obligation free way to go.

Here are some common questions you are already wondering about…. I’m answering front up so your ‘Discovery Call’ can be focused on your needs.

Will coaching work for me?

You get out what you put in. If you follow the process and complete any weekly tasks, you will benefit greatly. If you dedicate yourself to learning and growing, you will learn and grow. If you go the extra mile and take the initiative or extra steps with talks you will benefit greater still.

If you do not do the tasks and don’t apply yourself to learning and growing you will not only be wasting your money, but you will be wasting your time and my time too. I have only ever dropped one client for not being committed and they came back 3 days later more committed then ever and made some amazing changes in their lives.

What if I can’t afford it?

If you are 100% committed but can not afford the prices, we can find an agreement that suits us both. I don’t discount my services because i know that they work and I believe in what I do and I know the value of them. We can however arrange a payment plan.

The other important question to ask yourself is what are you worth? While payment can seem daunting, how you manage your money is also symbolic of how you value and invest in yourself emotionally and psychologically. Payment seals a deal so that both parties have fair expectations. I’ll expect you to be committed to yourself and the time / money you have invested, and you will have expectations of great solid results from my coaching.

It also gives you the comfort to ask questions and make as much use of my time and resources as possible without guilt!


What if I just don’t have the time?

You need to decide whether you are a priority in your life or not. Do you need to change things now?

Sometimes you don’t, you might just need some extra information or support from other beautiful women!

  • In that case check out my freebies and see if they’re useful to you.
  • Otherwise if you are looking for some soul-sister support join my private FB group The Beautiful World of Women.

However if you keep questioning that there must be something more, or you know that things have to change now, know this beautiful truth; Where there is a will there is a way.

If sorting out your life, issues and unresourceful patterns of behaviour is something you have an urge to figure out, then you’ll make time for it. I have sessions in the day, evening session and weekend sessions – so something for everyone and we can skype if you’re interstate or over seas.

If turning things around is not a priority for you, that’s perfectly fine. When the time is right you’ll know it. So don’t rush your journey, breath and take your time. And most of all….

Stay beautiful!

Verity xx