Beautiful Freebies for a Beautiful You!

Everyone loves a freebie! I’m a giver and so even when it’s free it’s important to me that whatever I give is functional and useful! These freebies have been designed to help you start your journey into self discovery and to inspire you to break down the barriers to be free to create the beautiful life you seek.

So check out my freebies below and if you have any feedback, connect with me and help A Beautiful Truth grow too!


I believe that every female is beautiful. The “Be Beautiful. Be You.” work book has been created to inspire you to start to discover your authentic self in order to embrace and bring forth your true unique inner beauty.

Let’s face it being OK with who you are or how you look is… well….just OK! But OK isn’t fabulous! OK doesn’t leave you feeling appreciative and secure in your own personal looks or confident in what you have to offer the to world!

Get inspired to fall in love with who you are and be secure and confident with being you! Figure out what makes you so beautifully special and unique.

Be beautiful…. be YOU!

To understand the truth about beauty read my blog “When beauty turns ugly

Create Your own Love Story with this Self Nurture Planner

As women we are programmed to give give give! We love to give and we usually give at the expense of ourselves. We put others needs before our own, we might have children to care for, partners to support, businesses to run, employees to please, friends to find time for…….

But how many of us are finding time for ourselves? If i asked you to list all the things you loved the most, how long would it take you to write your own name on that list? Would you even think to write your own name down?

This gorgeous little planner was created just for you! Trust me!

Start to create your own love story and let it start with you!

Get inspired to find the time to dedicate to loving yourself. There’s plenty of ideas included with the planner to get you started and most of them are FREE and TIME efficient!

So are you ready to create your own Love Story?


Teach your children the things that really matter.

I’ve watched my own daughters struggle with their friendships at school with the power plays in the playground, the bullying, the exclusions, one minute they’re all friends and the next minute some one in tears.

How do we help our children navigate their way around friendships when we aren’t physically there to guide them?

How do we instill the right values in our children to ensure they know their own self worth and that they choose their friendship groups that support them the most?

How do we even know which values we should be teaching our children?

Well that’s why this work-book was written. Inspired by my own daughters needs and by my own desire to consciously parent my children and really decide what qualities I want my daughters to embrace. Today their compassion for others (including the bullies), their kindness and their tolerance of others have improved dramatically. They’re not just creating beautiful friendship but they are growing into beautiful souls strong in their own value systems. My daughters are beautiful not only on the outside but most importantly on the inside.

Teach your own precious children the things that really matter and along the way become your children’s most important role model.

Modern Day Goddess

Modern day life is hectic and often exhausting. Women more then ever are balancing numerous roles all at once. With all this pressure it’s hard to stay focused, grounded, re-energised, mindful and connected to self.

How do we protect ourselves from the messages of mass marketing, telling us that either we don’t have enough, or that we simply just are not enough?

How do we blend in our innate feminine qualities, into a society that associate stress and competition with success and achievement?

This e-book is about embracing the different aspects of the divine feminine for the those juggling life in the modern day fast paced world, to bring you more peace, more connected-ness, more harmony and more empowerment.


The Truth About Beauty

Too often I see females basing their self-worth on their looks, their body image, how well they serve others, how neat and tidy they are, how well they live up to other people’s standards, how sexy they are based on social and marketing media, how good they are at pleasing others or putting others needs above their own, the handbags they buy, the guy they date… it goes on.

Beauty isn’t something that’s given to us, bought for us, or injected into us. Beauty is something we can all cultivate on the inside, at any given moment, at any given time.

This mini eBook is a reminder of your true feminine beauty. While filled with gorgeous self care recipes you can make yourself at home, this eBook guides you to looking deeper into the concept of what true beauty is. Find out how you can honour and nurture your own body and embrace your inner beauty.