Good Girls Don’t Podcast.

Hello and welcome to our patriarchy-smashing, fierce-as-fuck podcast Good Girls Don’t Podcast.

This space is for women (and men) who’ve been told they’re too much.

Too tall, too small, too big, too round, too loud or too quiet.

Too good, too bad, too wasteful, too slutty, too frigid.

Too jiggly, too wobbly, too bony, too strong, too weak, too gorgeous, too smart – too much anything.

This is the place where we smash those rules we’ve been taught to follow both as men and women and burn the darn rule book.

It’s time to create your own rules – to follow your own heart and be who you are at the core, with none ‘o this heteronormative-patriarchial bulldust.

Good Girls Don’t Podcast is hosted by Verity Mansfield, Self Love Advocate and Coach and Ashleigh Rae, the Podcast Queen.

On the Good Girls Don’t Podcast you will meet incredible women from your own backyard changing the world from starting their own businesses to economic, political and social issues – and you’ll learn just how amazing the women who’ve come before us are.

We’ll tackle the big issues, we’ll talk about the issues no-one talks about, and we’ll be fiercely feminist about it.

If you want to be part of the conversation after an episode ends, join us in our Facebook community here and share your thoughts with us and other like-minded rebels.

I love coffee, especially in the cute dainty cups gifted to me by Mum when I turned 21. I don’t know why giving cute coffee cups was important at 21, but she did and I love them.

I’m a fierce feminist. I believe in equality between everyone, INCLUDING men, women, children, trans, LGBTQIA+ and you could say I’m a Socialist (the HORROR!) – really, I believe in lifting each other up and creating a society that works for all of us.

Until 2017 I didn’t know what Feminism was. It was by chance scrolling through my phone looking for a new podcast I found something that changed my life – I found a show that spoke directly to my heart and articulated all the questions I had brimming about how Western society works. I became a Feminist!

I’m in Melbourne, Australia and like most Melbournians coffee is the life juice that fires me up in the morning. IT is my one drug of choice.

I’m also a small business owner – the brains behind Virtually Awesome Podcast & VA Support where my team and I manage and produce podcasts for lady coaches in Australia.

“We need to reshape our own perception of how we view ourselves. We have to step up as women and take the lead.” ~ Beyonce

While Ashleigh will gleefully indulge her coffee addiction, I’m a little more reserved on the coffee front. It’s not that I don’t like coffee, I love it. Just preferably in a martini glass with vodka.

A dear friend once called me a ‘Romantic Feminist’ because I use my voice to advocate for women’s rights fiercely but I also love men and honour and support the buggers.

I’ve always been infuriated when I’m told “you can’t do that”, but if you really want to see my head spin, “you shouldn’t” will have me savagely breaking all the damn rules while vehemently spitting “Just watch me!“.

These are the things the men in my life have grown accustomed to never utter in my presence.

I’ve never been a great employee because I suck following others leads. I’m stubborn, I challenge the norm and I tend to end up being besties with my bosses. I fiercely prefer to follow my own lead and I’m raising two mini Goddesses to do the same.

Based in Perth, Australia I own my own business, A Beautiful Truth, coaching women to break their own ‘good girl’ rules, to own their inner beauty and to fiercely live a passionate life on their own terms – unapologetically.

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