Here’s a beautiful truth: some people are only meant to come into our lives for a season.

Joy, passion, adventure, happiness, growth… we’ve all had someone come into our lives momentarily bringing us what we need in that point in time. It can be for a week, it can be for a month, it can be for a year. But when those people break away – either by force or by a slow drift – it can seem unnecessary and down right painful.

Letting go by Verity Mansfield

Letting go can be painful but necessary to allow life to bloom again.

As human beings were programmed to connect and for many of us letting go is tough, even heart breaking. For some, it’s a job or a boss they know they need to leave, a friendship that just doesn’t seem right anymore, a death, a relationship that’s cracking or a toxic family dynamic.


I’m here to tell you to let go. And more importantly, it’s okay to let go.


It’s scary, right? You’re literally allowing a connection you once cherished to disappear; you’re walking away from something you knew and walking towards something you don’t. It can fill us with fear and dread and we constantly look back and lament over the past, begging to have back what once was.

But maybe there’s beauty to be found in this moment. Maybe there’s something beautiful in saying “goodbye”. Maybe it’s the courage it takes to let go. Maybe it’s the beautiful truth that an ending is also a beginning. If you say goodbye to something, you’re opening up a spot to say “hello” to something else.

Look at nature. The trees know when to let go. They drop their dying leaves and decaying branches that no longer serve them in their autumns. In winter they give themselves space and time to heal and gather their resources, only to burst forward into spring with sudden growth and lust for life, then dazzle us with their flowers and perfume as they celebrate their beauty throughout their summers. They’re taller, stronger, and healthier and have more branches for more beautiful birds to sing their songs.

As humans we are no different. We too go through our own seasons of autumn, winter spring and summer. It would seem in letting go we learnt to be flexible and patient as life moves forward, pruning old ways and opening new doors.


We learn to trust in life, in ourselves, that we will bloom again.


By letting go we are allowing a beautiful and vulnerable space to become available for someone whose connection will light up our lives. We are allowing room to create new and even more amazing adventures than we ever dreamed possible.

Letting go can also mean we forgive our own past decisions or behaviours too. We let go of old habits that no longer serve us or long term thoughts that once upon a time held us imprisoned and stuck.

Letting go is a fresh start. A second chance to do it better. An opportunity to learn and grow and bloom once again.

And what could be more beautiful than that?

For further support in times of transition join The Beautiful World of Women, a Facebook group of #soulsisters dedicated to supporting and celebrating each other throughout all life blessings and challenges.

Stay beautiful xx