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Living from the heart space isn’t something new. It’s actually the way many ancient cultures based their wisdom on. Cultures that saw less disease, less mental health issues and less conflict then we see in our own culture today.

I have always tried to live by my heart space. At the end of my life I want to have left this world in a better place then I found it. Even at the end of a relationship, and I’ve done my fair share of dating, I have always tried to leave people in a better place than where I met them. I want everyone to see how beautiful and powerful they are in their lives, for people to see who they truly are at their absolute core.

It’s one thing as a coach to help women to unearth their truths and to acknowledge their inner beauty, but one crucial piece of the puzzle that was missing for a while was to get my clients to feel their own beauty, and that had to come from their heart space. How could I teach women to live from their heart space? After all knowing something and actually physically feeling it within yourself are completely different things, and yet it seemed to be the major key for many of my clients in turning their lives around!

Learning about the heart space and implementing various tools around heart space has completely changed my life. It’s change my perspective on life, my perspective of the world, how I even operate in the world, how I relate to my peers and my loved ones, and I’d even go so far as to say it’s healed things at an emotional and physical level, even when antibiotics weren’t working for me!

So, how can we live more from our heart space?


By asking ourselves, “How can I end this day better then how I woke to it?”.


Wake up and align your heart with your mindset. 

Put 2 fingers on the centre of your heart (you can do this lying down in bed) and spend 60 seconds being in gratitude. Feel the gratitude rising and filling you up. Imagine it getting so big it can’t be contained in your body, or in your own suburb, or in the country or in the world! Then send that feeling out to the world in general, allowing whoever needs to receive it, to receive it.


Accept you cannot control others’ thoughts, words or feeling but you can control your own.

Don’t let your day be ruined because someone else acted like a jerk for 5 minutes. And don’t allow yourself to sink to their level either. Simply place your fingers where your heart is and breath. As you let your breathe out, release their actions and words from yourself. They do not belong to you, so don’t pick them up in the first place.


Smile. Pure and simple.

Your smile is your gift and when you smile, it triggers chemicals to be released. Happy ones, like the feel good neurotransmitters dopamine, endorphins and serotonin! The more you smile and breath, the more you allow happiness in. Imagine your smile as a gift to others. When we see a smile, it lifts our own spirits, even for a moment. Smile at the man at the checkout in the supermarket. Smile at the child on the street. Smile at your co-worker for no reason.


Do something kind for someone.

At least once a day, do something kind for someone even if it’s for yourself! Big or small it doesn’t matter. Open the door for someone, offer to help someone if you see them struggling, read your kids a book, make someone else a cup of coffee or tea, invite someone over for a chat, run yourself a bath or buy yourself a new book (you’ll help the author out, the bookstore out and learn something new!). Helping others out makes us feel better about ourselves and about the world we live in.


When we live by our heart space we actually benefit in a vast number of ways!


  • Our stress reduces.
  • Our connections with others strengthen.
  • We set off an anti aging process in our bodies (not kidding!!)
  • We become more in tuned with ourselves.
  • We live longer (scientific fact!)
  • We even engage our bodies own self healing process! (crazy!!)
  • We increase our resilience.
  • We increase the ability of our brain to absorb and recall information.
  • And we improve our emotional experiences.

What’s more is that all this is backed up by leading scientists!

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