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Hello Beautiful Soul!

I’m Verity Mansfield; Life Coach, personal cheerleader, mother of two, night owl, hopeless romantic, eternal optimist and reformed #GoodGirl! And this is my story……. (Seriously go pour yourself a glass of wine or cup of coffee and curl up while we get acquainted).

I am Verity Mansfield

I discovered the MOST beautiful truth about life;


You are more powerful then you realise.


Yes. If you have the courage to stop playing by everyone else’s rules and if you dare to take the journey inwards, to face those fears and limiting beliefs that keep you small, that stop you from shining, that keep you in your own cage – if you have the courage to break the #GoodGirl rules, then you have no choice but to start to see the true power and potential that always lay within you.

I’m not saying it’s easy, because sometimes it’s downright messy. But a caterpillar never found its wings without consciously choosing to transform itself and pushing itself OUT of its comfort zone. In fact, this is the beautiful truth about life; you get to choose. Every single day is a new beginning whether to continue in your current state or whether to choose your own power and instigate transformation, not only of your life but of the lives around you too.


You are a powerful feminine force.


Regardless of the soul sucking job you might have, regardless of the dead end relationships, the friendships that no longer serve, the crushing reality that this is not the life you dreamed of, the overwhelming confusion of what you should do next, the lack of passion, the stuck-ness of not knowing your next move but knowing you MUST move, the loss of your inner spark that once glittered and burned so brightly or the 3 am insomnia hanging onto a small hope that everything just might be better tomorrow, the need to know your own truth, to find your own feet, to reclaim your throne…. the beautiful truth is you already possess everything inside of you in order to break free and manifest a life that sparkles with wisdom, excitement, truth and beauty.


I know because I’ve been there.


So let’s go back to the very beginning…..

When I was a little girl I used to create fairy gardens and magical potions (which often went mouldy) and even once tried to fly (ok so the flying didn’t quite work out as well as I hoped when my mother had to rush me to emergency with a busted lip and her hair full of peroxide).

I was fierce! I was brave, courageous, inquisitive and creative. I was more interested in testing out my own power then in anyone’s judgement of me.


I was in touch with who I wanted to be, my passions, my creativity and my intuition.


Nothing stopped me from exploring my deepest desires or wildest ideas. I also used to have this beautiful ability to manifest all sorts of things into my life. I’d make up names and meet these people within days, I’d have complete control of my dreams and if I wanted to learn about tornadoes a documentary come on the second I turned the TV on….

20 years pass… I was married with two beautiful children, I had a good job in fashion which at times mimicked The Devil Wears Prada and I worked with designers in New York, Sydney and LA. At one point I even had my own collection selling in WA’s top boutiques hanging next to exquisite pieces from Colette Dinnigan and Akira Isogawa, Gucci and Chanel. By anyone’s standards I should have been pretty darn happy! But something wasn’t right…..

I was miserable. I was at breaking point. I was in a neglectful marriage, I was struggling to raise a toddler and a newborn by myself, money always seemed lacking, and my job was turning into a nightmare.

I felt exhausted, alone, abandoned, lost and confused. Here I was trying to be so darn perfect, doing everything that was expected of me, pleasing everyone I could, being the ‘yes’ girl at work, trying tobe everything to everyone…… so much that I had lost sense of who I was and what I wanted.

What had happened? Where did I go wrong? How did I end up losing myself and my identity? Even worse where did my self-confidence go? And what about my notion of self-worth? When did I stop feeling beautiful? Why was I feeling so small and insignificant? Why did everyone else seem to in love with their lives when mine felt like it was falling apart? Where did that fierce little girl go?

I realised somewhere along the way I had become a mere shadow of this little girl. I was anxious, I was fearful; I had shut off parts of myself in order to fit in and in order to belong. I was so busy trying to please others and so scared of saying ’no’ that by the time of my 31st birthday I was in crisis. I had become the ultimate #GoodGirl and was paying the price for it.


So I broke free. And it wasn’t pretty.


I left my marriage and quit my job. I got angry. I got rebellious. I made mistakes. I travelled to the darkest parts of my soul. I faced deepest fears. I cried. I surrendered.  I literally let myself fall apart….

I gave up trying to please anyone. I gave up trying to be what everyone expected me to be.


I decided to “fuck the #GoodGirl rules”.


I dated, cried, drank way to many martinis, lent on my girlfriends, travelled, studied, found a therapist, mediated, snuggled my daughters, ate a fair bit of Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Ice-cream, connected with like-minded women, had the best sex of my life, re-discovered my intuition, swam with dolphins, and started saving money.

I went within, I healed my wounds, I found my voice and I roared.


I am who I am


Today I wake up and I am in love with my life. I have purpose. I have passion. I have dreams and ambitions. I’m surrounded with inspirational & fierce women, and my girls are the happiest they’ve ever been. Opportunities are everywhere. We are thriving.  Life isn’t perfect, and I do not seek perfectionism. I seek growth, understanding, truth, beauty and passion. I accept all that I am, including my curves, my auto immune disease, my obsession with chocolate and my lack of desire to embody a domestic goddess.

My life changed because I made that single one decision. I chose to break the #GoodGirl rules. I gave up needing the approval of others and sought the love and approval of myself.


 I fell in love with me.


And in return I met that powerful feminine essence that resides in all of us. When I stepped up so did everyone who was important around me. I didn’t just change my life, but as I transformed so did the lives of those closest to me.

That’s right. Just like the Alchemist, our inner goddess turns the ordinary into the extra-ordinary. And so can you!


Verity xx

My Qualifications in a nutshell;


  • Bachelor of Arts (Major in Psych and Fashion and Textiles).
  • Diploma in Counselling.
  • Diploma Life Coaching (ICF certified)
  • NLP Certified Practitioner (Neuro – Linguistic Programming).
  • Matrix Therapies Certified Practitioner (really cool stuff that allows you to clear negative emotions, beliefs and influences from your life so you can feel free to be yourself and fulfill your potential).
  • Reiki II
  • Cert IV Business Management.
  • Diploma in Dressmaking (why not!)
  • Oh and if I could have a Diploma in mothering my two rascals I’d own it!


**ICF certified means that I adhere to the strict guidelines of the “International Coaching Federation”. To see their code of ethics please feel free to read it here….

Verity Mansfield and Olivia Mansfield