How I Started To Own Myself and How You Can Own Yourself Too.

How to own yourself by Verity MansfieldWhen I was a little girl I spent hours in my room making it mine. I rearranged ornaments on shelves, made sure all my books were in order, I’d set all my teddy bears out on display…. I loved making my bed look pretty and I loved creating little reading nooks that I could laze in the sun and indulge in my favourite book The Secret Garden. Regardless what the world threw at my 6yr old self my room was a safe haven, a sanctuary of imagination I could return to, escape to and find peace in.

After I divorced I found myself returning to this same state of mind, over that first year I threw things out that no longer reflected who I was, I bought new carpets, dining table, new plates and little glass bowls with dainty pink flowers on them. I bought new bed spreads and made my bedroom mine with candles, and Picasso prints that I loved. Suddenly I started to take real ownership of my physical environment. I repainted walls the colour I wanted them. I redecorated my children’s room. I rearranged furniture manically at midnight in sudden bursts of inspiration. I replaced every photograph in every frame. I even re-did my garden, revitalised the herb bed and turned my own backyard into my own secret garden. I bought new cushions for the day bed, I hung fairy lights everywhere and I planted all the flowers I had wanted to earlier but couldn’t due to the ex-husbands intense allergies. I finally owned my house. My escape. My sanctuary. My retreat.

That’s not all I was doing though. What I was really doing was decluttering my life, wiping the slate clean and redesigning my physical environment to reflect my true self. My house took on a new life, as did I. With each wall I painted, each new lamp I bought, each new bed spread I made up, each plant I planted I was re-creating myself and growing stronger and more freely than ever before. I didn’t just own my house. I owned myself.

Regardless what stage of life you’re at the important of “owning” your own space is imperative. You space should be a place of comfort, a retreat, a loving nest – somewhere for you to return at the end of a long day at work or a crazy hilarious night with friends.

While autumn settles in and winters on its way, no doubt we’ll all be spending more and more time indoors these next few months. So take the opportunity to start creating your own personal space now. Whether you claim a single room, the house, the garden or even your work space; Nurture it. Love it. Allow yourself to express your beauty from the inside out. Celebrate your space. Celebrate yourself. Love your space and love yourself. Own your space. Own yourself.

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Stay beautiful.