The Beautiful Truth about the Fight for Self Worth

The fight for self worth with Verity Mansfield

A friend sent me a message on my birthday this month…”Dear Self Love, where have you been all my life?!” – Which made me laugh and shout “hell yes!”. There’s nothing more empowering then getting to that point in our lives where you actually love the woman that you are. And I don’t just mean ‘love’, I mean really, really like who you are, where you embrace yourself wholeheartedly. Like you truly know your self worth.

Through A Beautiful Truth, I’ve had the privilege to work with many inspiring women, who have battled self worth and self-esteem issues. They hear the cheers of others hear telling them “you just have to love yourself” and they want to punch those people in the face. I get it. It’s not like we all don’t already know this! But when you’re out of touch with who you are in the first place, when you’ve never truly known unconditional love, when you weren’t blessed with a happy childhood and stable parenting (as one of my clients soulfully puts it ‘a childhood with unicorns who fart glitter’), when you self-sabotage because you don’t actually “believe” you deserve any better, when you’ve inherited your parents limiting beliefs, when you grew up feeling you weren’t enough, the question is HOW? How do you learn to love yourself??? How can you suddenly get a sense of self worth?

This process takes a lot of dissecting, rebuilding, of opening up old wounds and scrubbing the pus out of them. And I mean PUS! No it’s not a pretty picture; it’s a picture filled with the rawness of pain, the heartache of sadness, the stench of betrayal and the turmoil of living in fear and anger from childhood into adulthood. I get it – this takes time, commitment and dedication. This takes real guts, honesty and brutal vulnerability. And for those of us who have fought to stand on this amazing precipice of self-love and self-worth, we know all too well the battles fought along the way; eating disorders, battles with worthlessness, addiction, self-loathing, guilt, rejection, physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, body image disorders, disowned, unloved, abandoned, alone…. these are the shared tales of so many women who now stand so tall, no shadow could be ever be cast upon them anymore.

But these are not the stories of the wounded, or of those to be pitied, or of the victims. These are the stories of heroines and heroes, the women with the hearts of warriors and the deeply grounded courage to stand up from within the pit of their despair and declare with every inch of their soul “This is not how my story will end!”, “Hell no! Not on my watch”, “This ends here! Today!”.

These are the stories of those women who inspire me, who shine brighter than most, who show compassion to themselves and to others, those brave enough to step forward and learn the most important lesson that no one else could teach them; that they are enough, they are full of self worth just as they are today.

And to those beautiful women, I say thank you.

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Stay beautiful xx