The Single Mothers Club


Connect. Transform. Inspire.

No one said you had to go this alone.

From struggling to striving…. get empowered, get supported, be nurtured and learn how to re-define who you are and re-create the life you truly want for as little as $247!


Do you lie awake at night wondering how you are possibly going to make it all happen? Wonderign how you’ll make ends meet? How you possibly got it all wrong? Wondering how the hell did it come to this and worrying how the hell am you going to get yourself out?

Are you wishing you had more confidence to beleive in yourself? Are you beating yourself up over past mistakes? Wishing you had less resentment towards the past? And less fear towards the future?

Do you feel like no one around you truly understands the issues you face as a single mother? The stresses? The fears?  The lack of support and loneliness?


Does it sometimes just get all too much!!!?


I get it.

I’m a PROUD single mother (there I said it!) who’s been raising her daughters for the last 6 years post divorce. I know the pain, the struggle, the despair, the fear, the anguish, the martini’s, the judgments and the criticisms interwoven into the single mama story! Oh did I forget to mention the shame?

The number of times I’ve been put down for saying “I am a single mother”. Like it’s some dirty word, or a disease. It usually gets the response of either pity, concern I might steal their husbands or the competitive “well marriage isn’t easy either!”…. Yes. Quite aware…. I left one….

I’ve battled my own stories, my own fears and resentment of being a single mother, of figuring out “how am I going to do this all on my own?”… I understand the isolation, the anxiety and the stress single motherhood can bring.


What looks like a disaster is a whole new chance, a clean slate, to create the life you truly want.

Want to learn how to;

  • Redefine who you are today?
  • Move forward with growth and passion?
  • Avoid repeating past mistakes?
  • Believe that you deserve soemthing better?
  • Clear out your own emotional closets?
  • Increase your confidence?
  • Create healthier boundaries?
  • Improve communication skills?
  • Trust your inner compass?
  • Build better resilience?
  • Be an amazing role model for your children?
  • Create clear and manageable goals to start moving forward into the new you?

I dug deep into my own journey of healing, of releasing, and of discovering who I truly am and what I am made of.

Now I KNOW the beauty of having my freedom, the power of doing it my own way, and the brilliance of discovering how damn amazing and strong I truly am. I am a FIERCE single mother and you can be too!


Empower yourself by understanding your true worth and acknowledge the beauty within. This is YOUR power.


It took me 2 solid years of therapy at almost $5000 to pull myself together post divorce. Now that’s a lot of money that most of us would prefer to spend on our children or a holiday! This online course is a seriously affordable way to start that journey in a much shorter time frame and for a hell of a lot less cash!

Plus you’ll get lifetime access to the modules and to the Facebook Group!


You can start to redefine who you are AND re-create your life for just $247!

Personal Development

6 personal development modules to take you on a journey of self discovery as you become empowered to redefine who you are and start to create a life of unlimited possibilities.

Connection and Support

Access to a secret Facebook Group. You can share your learnings, your struggles and your celebrations PLUS get extra support from myself.

Access to Industry Experts!

You’ll also get access to 4 international experts on issues that really matter; finances, money mindset, parenting and dating – yes sex too!


Ready to re-define to new you?

In this course you will learn how to;

  • Uncover your own truths and core values.
  • Trust yourself again to make GREAT choices.
  • Commit to loving who you are on every level.
  • Increase your confidence in yourself and your ability to move forward.
  • Access a array of mindset tools to get you moving forward.
  • Set clear manageable goals and lay the stepping stones to create a future you can be proud of.


What you’ll get:


  • 5 weekly modules.
  • 5 weekly exercises to do at home each week.
  • 5 live sessions to chat, discuss the weeks content and get your questions answered.
  • Secret facebook group for members only.
  • 4 BONUS interviews with experts in dating, parenting, money mindset and finances.



  1. Self Love and self worth
  2. Values and Truths
  3. Fears and Heart space
  4. Mindset and language
  5. Relationships and communication
  6. Goals: can i create my future?


Industry Experts:

  • Dating Expert; Marie-Louise Pawsey
  • Financial Genius: Debbie Sassen
  • Money Mindset Goddess: Cindy Taylor (another single mama!)
  • Simplified Pareting Expert: Kathy Hajduk Stowell

And it’s just $247!

Payment plans available.

Join the Club!

Being a single mother doesn’t mean a life o struggle and alone-ness. In fact if you would love to join us, we will show you that this is only the beginning of something truly beautiful……