What is beauty?

The Truth About Beauty

We live in a patriarchal society which is a highly visual society. You must look the part in order to belong. Being beautiful is big business. So how do you re-frame ‘beauty’? How can you feel beautiful without relying on external factors? How can you know you are beautiful, if you don’t actually fit into society’s ‘beautiful box’? What is beauty?

Beauty for me is about feeling beautiful. It’s about acknowledging the beauty within yourself and being able to express yourself creatively.

What better way to deliver this message then a mini-ebook on home made skin care recipes with a heart led message!

  • Do you need to let go of comparing yourself to others?
  • Do you know how to honour your body on a daily basis?
  • Would you love to feel more confident in your body?
  • Would you love to be able to easily distinguish the difference between internal beauty and external beauty?
  • Do you know how to embrace that inner beauty in order to celebrate your outer beauty?

This mini- ebook is designed to start breaking down and re-framing the current context of ‘beauty’. Its about getting to the truth about beauty. It’s about breaking away from the mass marketing context of what ‘beauty’ is and about embracing the beauty within you to love, empower and nurture yourself creatively. Now that is beautiful!

Discover how to be truyl beautiful.

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Be beautiful by being you…


Stay beautiful xx