I’m hearing a lot of people getting really angry about Donald Trump being elected President of USA and think that people are missing the beauty within the lesson and are failing to see this as a gift to the human race.

Yes I just put Trump+Gift together…. stay with me here!

Trump just highlights the qualities we see in people, and even in ourselves at times,  in our everyday life’s. Lies, bad behaviour, greed, abuse of power/position, putting others down, bullying, arrogance, tantrums, anger, selfishness….. hmmm seems like none of us are perfect. Trump just amplifies the qualities we see in ourselves and others that we don’t want to accept or face.

If Trump being elected has such an effect on you then perhaps look around your own life and see where his egotistical, greedy, selfish, arrogant, sexist and tyrannic ways show up, then be inspired to take action;
1) Set clear boundaries with those that make you feel small.
2) Forgive yourself for your short comings and cultivate better ways to handle difficult situations.
3) Forgive others and yet keep those people responsible/accountable for their bad behaviors.
4) Consciously cultivate virtues of kindness, generosity, flexibility, tolerance, optimism, beauty (as in how to create), intelligence and wisdom, honor, humor and honesty….. not only in yourself but those younger people in your care.

5) Raise children that don’t buy into the sexualisation of females and if you hear men sexually slurring women – tell them its not acceptable.

We are not a helpless society and sitting around whining helps no one. So instead of being reactive, make the decision to be proactive. Speak up and be actively responsible in creating a society where we say NO to the Trumps of this world.

Use this election as an amazing way to empower yourself and those around you. Use this election to inspire you to increase the love and the joy and the compassion and the understanding in your life.

Take note that Australia has one of the highest rates of sexual and domestic violence against women in the world! So before berating another country, we should look at our own backyards and see where our responsibilities lie in adjusting the values in our own society to create a better society for it’s future generations.

Be the silver lining and inspire yourself to be the best version of yourself, to find your voice and use it and hence knock the Trumps of this world off their thrones.

Real change? Real change starts with each and every one of us. Not with Donald Trump. Now that’s real power xx