The truth about beauty….

The Sprouts Program

In a world that celebrates materialism, vanity and  ideal body images, how do we truly teach our children to embrace their own inner beauty and to value the right qualities, not only in themselves but in others? How do we empower them to be strong in their own sense of self and self worth?

  • Do you worry about the social pressures your children face?
  • Do your children compare themselves to others?
  • Would you love your child to feel more confidence in who they are?
  • Would you love to teach your child the truth about beauty?
  • Would you love to trust your child to make the right choices in their friendships?

Then this little workbook is for you! This beautiful little workbook opens up those conversations that teach your children, what they don’t learn in school – The truth about beauty and self worth!

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A little work book dedicated to discovering the beauty within you.


Discover 10 essential virtues that we should be teaching our children to cultivate in themselves and to appreciate in others.


Create a bonding experience with your children as you both learn to cultivate these beautiful virtues within yourselves.


Strengthen your own relationships as you learn to also seek and celebrate these qualities in those around you.

Be beautiful by being you…


Stay beautiful xx