Verity Mansfield;

“Who the hell decided we should?”


Yeah, you’ve been swimming in circles for a while now. Torn between doing all the things the world says you ‘should’ do, and the desire to just break the damn rules and live life on your own fucking terms. What I care about is helping you break out of feeling trapped in your cage, and teaching you to learn to love and honour yourself from your deepest depths (no, I don’t care how ugly you think they are) and unleashing the power within.


Truth and Beauty. What more could any girl possibly want?


Remember those years? The younger ones. Where you cared less about what other people thought and felt completely free to be yourself? Maybe you were 6yrs. Maybe older. Or maybe you just didn’t have those years and spend your time idolising the other pretty girls that did, telling yourself “one day it’ll be my time to shine”.


These days it’s harder to be yourself.


There are so many demands from your family, your kids, your job, the electrical company, and let’s not even think about your mortgage or rent. While red wine and martinis (make mine an espresso) make for a great escape, hangovers rarely are anything but, especially when lying on the couch with barely enough energy to scroll social media only to feed your #InstaEnvy.

“Damn. I used to have a hot body.”
“I don’t have time to get a flat stomach.”
                    “My ass is never going to look like that.”
                                     “I just don’t have the energy to take care of myself.”
   “To be ‘that’ girl on ‘that’ boat…. Sigh.”
                                                 “Where did time go?”
“How did I get this so wrong?”                                “What happened to my dreams?”
                      “How am I going to turn this boat around?”

What if it’s not about turning the boat around?

What if all you needed to do was to rock the damn boat!

You know the feeling where you just want to scream? Where you just want to feel heard, acknowledged, appreciated? Like you just fucking matter? You’re there for everybody else. You’re doing everything on your own. You’re exhausted. You’re tired and some days you just don’t want to be here at all.


8 years ago I found myself collapses on the bottom of the shower floor, hoping the noise of the thundering water would drown out my gut-wrenching hysterical sobbing, so my kids wouldn’t hear me fall apart. I didn’t feel broken. I felt destroyed. My marriage was falling apart. My kids were not getting the best of their mother. My workplace was sucking the life out of me. I felt disappointed, disconnected and dead inside. Something had to give or I was going to explode. So I hit the ‘red’ button. You know the one they say only to hit in an emergency? I walked out of my marriage, out of my international fashion career and without looking back plunged into the darkness of the unknown with two toddlers, a mortgage and $136 cash.


In short, I broke #thegoodgirlrules.


But, the beautiful truth is, you don’t have to completely fall apart in order to find your own beautiful life.


“I am constantly in awe of the beauty in women; their ability to face adversity, to be honest about their current dissatisfaction and perceived failures, their immense courage to ask for help, their steely determination to change something, their fierceness to take a chance, and their strength to seize the opportunity to grow”.

“I hired Verity Mansfield, as I was coming out of one of the worst years of my life. But her support, teachings and knowledge honestly enabled me to turn my life around. There is no hiding from the tough love and yet her generosity of spirit and the level of care towards her clients is beautiful and precious. If like me, you felt that hook in the back of the shirt which keeps dragging you backwards, if you really want to make real changes in your life and you are honestly ready to face your own stuff, work with Verity! She is a gift to be shared!”.

P Nairn

“I am a million times more confident and I have learnt to truly love and accept myself which is priceless. My mind is now more open to possibilities, I feel less stuck and more like I CAN do what I want to do and really OWN my decisions. Verity Mansfield is approachable and so easy to talk to. Not only is she open-minded but also constantly encouraging. She taught me tools that showed me how I can turn my desires into reality. I’d recommend Verity to everyone and anyone! Especially anyone who is trying to stand on their own two feet and trying to figure out who they are and how they fit into the world”.

A Georges

The professional stuff;

Verity Mansfield is a Women’s Empowerment Coach, who supports women to acknowledge the true beauty within and to realise that they are more powerful than what society dictates, through 1:1 coaching programs, speaking engagements and group workshops.

Ex Fashion Designer turned Self-Love Activist, Verity rebels against an industry that breeds perfectionism, self-loathing and negative body image, combining her original studies in psychology and counselling with coaching and NLP, to amass over 20 years of experience, exploring the concepts of beauty, self-love and self-transformation.

When she’s not teaching women to unleash the beauty within, you can find Verity Mansfield at the beach dropping #truthbombs on Instagram or blissing out in the bath meditating with chocolate.

Verity Mansfield and Olivia Mansfield
Verity Mansfield and Olivia Mansfield