Let’s break the rules.

Life’s about to get sweet.


You’ve been waiting for that something more.


You know it’s time to draw the line and to shake things up.

You’re ready for something new, something real and something big.

It’s nerve-racking.

I get it.

But you’ve read all those self-help books and you’re still trying to figure out why things aren’t moving along the way you desperately want them to.


No one said you had to do this alone.


And the beautiful truth is, you don’t have to.


I’ve got you.


With me, you’ll get support, guidance, information and inspiration every step of the way.

You’re in safe hands here honey.

So what’s on the menu? 


Whether you want a taster, something to share or you’re ready to sink your teeth into the juiciest of offerings, there’s something for every woman.

Intuitive Sessions

From Fear to Fabulous.

Bust through your subconscious fears and find the inner wisdom you need right now.

There’s nothing more frustrating than swimming in circles, repeating old patterns or knowing that you’re holding yourself back.

Whether it’s fear, shame, guilt, sadness or anger you need to let go of in order to move forward, this session is designed to free you from the past and to be powerful in the present.

VIP Coaching

From Good Girl To Goddess:

If you’re done with searching outside of yourself for the answers, then its time to break the rules and unleash your own inner Goddess.

Reclaim your sense of self, your passions, goals and dreams with this 8-week powerhouse program. 

Tailored to your own personal needs, you’ll reset your inner compass and to start living life on your own damn terms.

Online Group Coaching

Single Mamas Club.

Disappointed. Disconnected. Disillusioned.

Who wants to be a struggling single mother? Yikes! Not me. And it’s not what my children need either.

Life is tough enough as it is, and no one needs to do this journey alone. Let’s work together while you get inspired by like-minded solo-mamas and start rebuilding the life you truly yearn for.

On your terms.

We’ll even talk sex, money and solo parenting. Because we can.

“In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or back into safety.” ~ A Maslow

When you work with me you’ll;


  • Learn to take real responsibility for your life and who you are today and tomorrow.
  • Understand what drives you and why you do the things you do.
  • Uncover your own unique truths and the beauty within.
  • Create goals and have a real action plan with accountability.
  • Face your fears and learn how to deal with them.
  • Shift limiting beliefs, whether you inherited them or you accepted them.
  • Learn to understand how to love yourself and why it is important, not just for your relationships with yourself but in every relationship you have.
  • Discover how to communicate and express yourself.
  • Live from your heart space and embrace your natural intuition.
  • Understand the Laws of Attraction and how to make it work for you.
  • Create a truly beautiful world you not only desire but deserve.

This isn’t just a course. This is a life-changing experience.


This is a life-changing transformational journey, to create real change and real beauty in your own life and beyond.

Commonly asked questions;

Do You Offer A Free Initial Session?
Yes – I offer a free 20 minute initial consultation to discuss your needs and how my services could benefit you. After  I will send you an outline tailored specifically to your needs on how we can work forward together, week by week. There’s no obligation involved either. I’m not a sales person and I won’t push my services on you, as that is not part of my values. I don’t chase clients as I believe the clients who make the biggest changes are the clients who actively want to seek change.
Is there A Guarantee?
Yes – The first session is 100% money back guaranteed. If you are not happy to continue working together, I will gladly refund you your money. The first session and last session we run a comparison so you can see the extent of the changes you have made along your journey, whether its 8 weeks or 16 weeks.
Will this work for me?
The honest truth is only if you want it to. The tools and packages have proven successful for all my clients to date. However it all depends upon you. I could give you all the amazing information you could desire – but whether you utilise and put it into practice is your own responsibility. So if you are ready to change and shine bright – let’s do it!
What if I can't afford it?

Can you afford not to do it? Where there’s a will there’s a way, and where there’s a problem there is always a solution.

In my experience as a client and as a coach, money and self-worth go hand in hand. How committed are you to transforming your life? How much will it cost you if you don’t change something now? The upside is that when you pay for your session you know that you have the right to ask for as much information, tools and support as you need to make these changes effective in your own life!

And just in case, I offer financial plans so everyone has the opportunity to get the support they need to turn things around.