The Truth About Beauty

Mother & Daughter Workshops


Too often I see females basing their self-worth on their looks, their body image, how well they serve others, how neat and tidy they are, how well they live up to other people’s standards, how sexy they are based on social and marketing media, how good they are at pleasing others or putting others needs above their own, the handbags they buy, the guy they date… it goes on.

While it is great fun to express ourselves with make up and fashion, all too often I see women using these things as a basis for their self esteem and self worth.

I want my daughters to know just how beautiful they are. Just as they are. Right here. Right now.

Most of all, I want my daughter’s to know that beauty comes from within, that it’s something they can grow and cultivate at any given time, that beauty is something that no one can take away from them, that beauty comes from knowing their own truths and core values, from speaking their truths, from understanding the power that lies within them (just as it lies within every female big or small in this world), from understanding the importance of loving, nurturing and honouring themselves and most of all, from trusting in their unique gifts within.

Beauty isn’t something that’s given to us, bought for us, or injected into us. Beauty is something we can all cultivate on the inside, at any given moment, at any given time.

Every girl, every female, no matter their circumstance, is beautiful.

What you get;


Spend 3 hours bonding with your daughter(s), as we discuss the truth about beauty, self love and self worth. Afterwards you’ll get creative as you make some beautiful homemade skin care products with your daughter.

  • Spend quality time bonding with your daughter & nurturing your relationship.
  • Build your daughter’s sense of self-worth and confidence.
  • Teach her how to love her body regardless.
  • Inspire her to believe in the beauty within her soul.
  • Create a safe place for her to express herself.
  • Help her understand the beautiful gift she is to this world.
  • Be the role model your daughter needs…


PLUS  you both get to take more fun recipes home to continue investing in yourselves and your relationship together.

Verity Mansfield facilitates these stunning Mother & Daughter workshops all about truth, beauty and self love, in Perth.


$97 / Mother & Daughter Ticket

$67  / Earlybird Mother & Daughter Ticket



3 hours



Wednesday, 5th July 10:30am

Sunday, 20th August 1:00pm

Wednesday, 4th October, 1:00pm

If you would like to organise a workshop for your daughters birthday or a community event please contact us for information and pricing.



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My daughter and I attended a Beautiful Truth workshop run by Verity. And… we explored the beautiful truth… not the unrealistic aesthetic promoted in modern media but the beauty that comes from strength, integrity and being authentic to oneself. We need to be having more of these conversations with our daughters. So, enjoyable to make some natural beauty products and chat to some fabulous Mother and Daughters. Thank you, Verity!


I worry that my daughter won’t know just how valuable and loved she is. I want her to have so much more self-love, more respect and to really know who she is. “The Truth About Beauty” workshops inspired me to see myself as beautiful from the inside, and to set an example for my daughter. I want her to learn how to communicate and deal with conflict in a healthy way, to build her resilience and to have a healthy body image as she grows. Verity was so warm and welcoming and the venue had such a beautiful energy. I loved being able to bond with my daughter, making products we could take home and nurture ourselves while meeting other amazing mothers. I’d recommend this workshop to any woman!


I see my daughter already battling with self-image, setting boundaries and communicating with others. I loved Verity’s empowering speech and the groups positive encouragements. There were so many tips and practical tools I can put in place and I feel more empowered as a single mother. I want her to have a more structured life than I did and I want her to know there is a beautiful life she can live.