Breaking the ‘Good Girl’ rules.

Inspiring women to challenge societal expectations, so they can embrace the beauty within and live a powerful life on their own fierce terms – unapologetically.

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There’s nothing more I fucking love than seeing women break the mold of who society expects them to be. And stepping right into who they yearn to be.

I love to empower women to really acknowledge the truly magnificent beauty within their souls, to realise they are more powerful than what society dictates, that they can determine their own self-worth and embrace the power within to live life on their own terms.


But unfortunately, most of us were raised to be good girls.

You know you’re a good girl when;

  •  You tell yourself you need to learn to say ‘no’ more often. But you don’t.
  • Your partners’ and/or kids’ dreams, ideas, ambitions, needs, desires and Netflix choices come before yours.
  • You feel unappreciated and your needs often go ignored.
  • You race around. Constantly. Mainly after others.
  • You compare yourself, your house, your lifestyle, and your stomach with those on #Insta.
  • You feel at this age you should have achieved more. God, there are so many things you should be doing right now!
  • You should be happy with what you’ve got – but you’re not.

Ask yourself, ‘Who said you should?’


Who cares what your parents expect, who cares what your friends will say, who cares if you don’t get it right the first time? Who’s approval are you seeking anyway? And more importantly WHY?

You get to decide when to and how to hit reset, how to rock your own boat and which direction to steer it in.

Sure, someone will get upset, sure someone will tell you to sit back down and shut the hell up, sure someone isn’t going to understand you, sure someone is going to judge you – but this is the whole point of breaking the good girl rules; who cares.

This is your life and this is about you.

Your life isn’t about worrying about the judgements of a society that still insists women should be pretty, sexy, silent and small.

Your life should be about how you feel about yourself. And you should be loving that glorious self!

Self-love is about giving yourself the compassion that’s needed to create a safe space to explore who you are and fall in love with every damn crazy part of yourself.

YES, the part of you that cries for no reason.
YES, the part of you that thinks too much.
YES, the part to you that’s too sensitive, too emotional and too much.

So what if you have dark parts, you are not alone. We’ve all done bat shit crazy stuff, but how did falling into shame and guilt work out for you?


Then maybe it’s high time you learnt to fall in love with yourself.


Imagine being that goddess you always dreamed of being; the one with the loud carefree laugh, the one who glows when she walks into a room, the one who beams with self-worth and confidence that nothing can knock her sideways, the one who lovingly takes time out for herself to honour and nourish her body and soul, the one that gently laughs at her own mistakes because she knows she is strong and determined in her goals, the one who trusts in herself so bloody fiercely because she knows her truths and she believes in her own powerful femininity, the one who just seems to create beauty everywhere she goes just by existing.

Yep! Imagine going from good girl to GODDESS.


It’s time to break the good girl rules!

You want a life that is yours.

You want a life where you feel powerful in creating it. A life where you get to redefine your own sense of beauty. A life where you can trust yourself to make the necessary decisions to make shit happen. A life where you can stand in the face of your fears and trust you’ve got this. A life where you can build your own legacy, inspire others and where you can be the role model and gift this world needs.

A life that is deeply satisfying because you defined your own version of success.

A life that you loved because you dare to chose to love yourself first.

Because, YOU dared to break the good girl rules.


If you’re tired and exhausted of playing by the good girl rules, if you’ve tried to live by society’s standards and expectations, and it just is not working out, if you are stuck, and feeling confused about your own ability to create something more beautiful in your life, this is for you.

I know. I spent the first 30 years of my life trying to be a good girl and it didn’t really work out very well.

Today I’m a recovering good girl, an eternal optimist, a single mama of two fierce girls, a creator of dreams, a romantic feminist, I love hard, and I’m happier and more in love with who I am (warts and all) than I have ever been.

You can learn more about me here. 

The first session that I did with Verity shook me to the core – she was amazing! Not only did I feel completely comfortable to talk to her about most things I keep very close to my heart but she also has shown me how to look at my life in an entirely new way and to remember who I am.

Now four months on I have traveled across the world, taken chances I never thought I would, formed strong and lasting business relationships and most importantly of all I feel secure and confident in the person that I am without changing who I am. I no longer feel afraid of the future or that of what will happen in my life but instead I look forward to every moment.


I primarily hired Verity as I felt like I had lost my spark. I found it hard to maintain positive thoughts and generally felt like I was in a rut. The truth was I had never given myself the opportunity to be true to myself. I’d lost sight of my own dreams and passions. I felt I was wasting the best years of my life. By then end of the first session I could already feel my mentality changing, I began appreciating the little things in my day and most importantly, I started appreciating myself. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to work closely with Verity and to rediscover my creativity and lust for life. I would have no hesitation recommending Verity to anyone who shares the same feelings and needs that boost to rediscover the love they have for their own life!

Verity has the right amount of compassion and understanding, as well as knowledge to help you practically and effectively improve your life, that you would want from a life coach. I didn’t realise how quickly my perspective on life could change and how little exercises could have such a significant impact on my life. Definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made and I’d recommend Verity to anyone who, like me, felt a little aimless.